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Ron and I towed a 25ft. Sail Boat to Mexico one winter.  We got to San Carlos to late to launch it.  So, we put the boat in storage and decided we would go camping with the Van, which was equipped with a sofa that made into a bed, a sink and an ice-box.  We also had a pop-up tent. My big black box which was filled with bathing suits, make-up, pharmacy items, bungy cords, lots of film for my Polaroid camera and other goods for bartering. 

My Yacht Club had 23 boats in Mexico that winter.  I had not been camping for a long time and looked forward to getting off the tourist track and inter- acting with the Mexicans.  We had a great book titled; “The Hidden Mexico”. We followed its suggestions like a map.  We had great adventures and ended up spending six months…

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__From Yachts to Manure___... I have lived in a 9,000 square foot mansion in Piedmont, Ca. to homesteading a mobile home and living without running water or electricity for six months in Oroville, California. These are some tales of my adventures. From traveling the world with my Airline Executive late husband to , operating a Yacht Charter Business on San Francisco Bay as a widow with young children, to retiring to a Ranch in Oroville and raising horses and fancy pure bred dogs. Come join me on my adventures as I write this blog..
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