Rare White Mini-Schnauzer Puppies are here!

Dear Folks,

My Silver Mini-Schanuzer; “Sassy Sarah” was breed with my White male; “Shasta Breeze” .

She whelped four puppies Sept. 22, 2012.   Two Salt and Peppers and two Rare Whites.  A male and a female of each color.  They will be ready to go to their homes Nov. 17.  They will be adorable and potty trained  by Christmas time.

The Salt and Pepper boy and girl will sell for $700. each.  $300 deposit and four $100.monthly payments.

The Rare White boy and girl will sell for $1,000. each. $500. down payment and five $100.  monthly payments.

Check out my video and post on a previous litter of Rare White Mini-Schnauzers.

You may call me at 530-589-4450 for more information.



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2 Responses to Rare White Mini-Schnauzer Puppies are here!

  1. Angela says:

    They are precious Mary, I dream of having one of you babies one day.
    All my love,
    Your friend Angel

  2. Shin says:

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