Guide For Reading My Blog..

Guide for Reading my blog,
Posted on March 10, 2012
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Dear Readers,

I am receiving about 25 comments a day, much to my delight. I love getting them and I do respond to some. I would respond to more if you would please, please put the subject of your comment in your note. I have over 60 articles on this blog and when you say, you agree or disagree with my view points and enjoyed the subject,  without identifying the subject,  I have no idea what you are talking about. So, Please tell which article you read and what you liked about it.  Or what subject you disagreed with me.

I have been asked several times to advise people on getting started on a blog.  Here is my history.

This is my first blog. It is less than a year old.  It is on WordPress. I have found them to be wonderful to guide a newby like myself.  

SPAM… It took me awhile to figure out that WordPress lists all comments as Spam.  Many of my readers have complained about getting to much spam.  You need to read the comments and then you are allowed to determine if they are spam.  It is not a good system and confuses many people.  But, once you understand their system you will be able to navigate it.  I have had less than 10 true spams out of over 600 comments.  

You can go to “Learn”  and they will assist you.  I have enjoyed their help.

Several of you have complimented my site picture  banner.  I purchased it from one of several that WordPress offers. Yes, you may purchase it as well.

Please keep your comments coming,  I find them very encouraging.  If you want to be notified when I post a new article you can click, subscribe,  usually located at the bottom of the page.  Or, follow, located at the top left corner. (sometimes)

I have gotten a few questions about browsers, Rss, ect.  I am not a tech type person.  I am self taught on the computer and hunt and peck my way through the maze.  I am a writer and do the best I can to present my stories on this media. Sorry,  I cannot help you with any problems you are having with my site.  

I received a compliment from an English Professor about how well written my blog is.    I felt like I had just received a trophy, crown and the best award.  This means a lot to me.  Speaking good grammar in our home was stressed.  I have done this in my home with the children.  My Grands call me”Grammar” instead of Grandma.  I take this as a compliment.

I get lots of comments from non-English speaking countries.  I am very pleased and flattered that they will take the time to wade through my articles when they don’t speak the language.  The comments they leave are sometimes very interesting.  Trying to grasp what they are trying to express.  Sometimes they tend to editorialize,  and get lost in a sea of words. Let me pass on some advice a Professor once gave me on writing. It is the old, ” K I S S “,  method.  “KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID” !  She so drilled this into my brain that to this day I edit as I write.  I think of a sentence and then try to minimalism it .  Making it as clear and simple as I can.  The result is usually good writing.  

I am amused by some of my non-English speaking readers.  One will spend quite a bit of time and effort honing a perfect comment. Then a few others will see it and copy it veer-bat em.  Don’t be afraid to be original.  A comment with mistakes is more valued than a perfect one that has been copied.  However, I cherish each and every one of your” fan letters“, as I like to call them.  So… please, keep them coming.



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