Dean Radcliffe’s Eulogy

Dean Radcliffe’s  Eulogy..

Mr. Hospitality

Those of you here today are here to celebrate Dean Radcliffe’s life and to comfort his immediate family.  He has made his transition from this life to his next.  We all know he will turn this journey into a big adventure.  He was a walking, talking, living, breathing Celebration all of his life.  He was full of excitement.  His Mother said Dean was born excited.  He probably was.  He brought joy, fun, festivities, light and yes, Excitement to everything and everyone he encountered..He was dubbed “Mr. Hospitality of Anchorage, Alaska”.  He took this title very seriously and lived up to it.  He loved serving people in the finest first quality way but always peppered with fun, whether it was at his and Susan’s home or a catered affair.  Entertaining people was his joy.  Loving and sharing good times was his vocation.

In his off time he would go on his Facebook page and spread his fun.  He would challenge people to watch Dancing With The Stars with him together and make their comments and critique on Facebook.  Making the whole event a fun party.  Now who but Dean could do that?  Some of these people became close friends.  They would confide in him and ask for his advice.  People that had never met him in person.  Cyber land  friends. There are over fifty messages on his Facebook Page from these people.  Each telling how Dean has touched their lives in a positive way. One person mentions how she is grieving the death of her sister.  And Dean tells her;  “Take my hand,  I will pull you through”.  She did and he did,  just that.  With daily messages of good cheer and funny and positive thoughts for her to cling to with her saddened mind.  He pulled her through to see the light and joy again.

He was fortunate to find his soul mate in his wonderful, loyal wife Susan.  Dean was a Star but Susan was his own special Spot light.  She always made him look good.  He adored her and they had a charmed life together.  Susan is blessed with you, her many friends.  Dean knows that you will all circle Susan with your love and support and help pull her through to see the light and happiness again.

The stories go on and on of his generosity, kindness, compassion and loving nature.  But we that knew him best,  knew him for his wonderful sense of fun.  The lights will be a bit dimmer now that Dean has passed on.  But look for him in any and all celebrations and you will find him.  Your mind will flash with a fun memory of Dean. Where there is a good time you will find Dean.

Dean’s legacy and message to you would be;

“When we are not together… You must always remember…

You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.
But the most important thing is,  I will always be with you.

Raise your glass to all the good times and close your mind to the bad.
Tell a joke and laugh for me and I will be there.”

Always in your heart.

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3 Responses to Dean Radcliffe’s Eulogy

  1. Kathy says:

    I liked the euology for Dean Radcliffe, he looked like a guy a lot of people would really have enjoyed knowing. What a wonderful smile he had!

    Thanks for sharing the eulogy, I know how sad it is to lose a close wonderful friend like that.

  2. I appreciate your compassion. I am still reeling from my son Gordo’s death April 14, 2012. Dean was more than a son to me. I mentored him for thirty years and had the joy to see him go to such heights of success. He brought so much fun and happiness to so many. Anchorage, Alaska is in mourning. He was known and loved from one end of that city to the other. I am devastated from the deaths of all my boys. David, Gordo and now my Dean.

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