My Beautiful Daughter….

Dear Kay C. and family,

The flower Pots arrived today.

I woke up this morning crying. I had a dream about Gordo. He was wandering around. Pleading with me. ” Please Mom, tell me where to go! I don’t know where to go. Where is the Mariner? I can’t find the Mariner. Where do I go? ” I woke up crying. I am so tired of crying. I don’t trust myself to go out in Public. I just burst out in tears, at the darnedest time. I got up, took a Valium with my coffee. Two droppers of liquid vitamin B-12 and some Vitamin D. Suppose to help with depression. I go into the living room and pick up the remaining two puppies. They are so cute. They make me smile. They soon tire of me and want down. I take them outside to the front yard. The other dogs are there and are watching them like a hawk. I tidy up their play yard. They are loving the BIG yard. There are too many little nooks and crannies for them to get into. So, I can’t leave them in the big yard. They yelp in protest as I put them in their play pen.

I go back into the house and determine I will take a shower and even put some make-up on. I must do something to make myself feel better. Ron calls me about four times a day checking on me. I don’t want him to hear the tears in my voice. They sent him out on a 12 day tour. he is due home next Monday. However, they told him they have another long tour for him when he gets back. I don’t know if he will even get to come home. He makes a big tip on these tours. The Mortuary charged $1400. they wanted $1600. I cried and complained about how much the price had gone up in two years and they knocked off $200.

I get out of the shower and the dogs are barking their “Visitors are here”, bark. Then I hear the bang, bang on the side of the house and know it is the UPS guy. I throw some clothes on and rush out to greet him. He asks how I have been. That is all I needed. Booo Hoooo.” My youngest son died last week.” He offers his condolences. I sign for the package and go into the house, embarrassed for being such a drama Queen. I open the box see the pots and wonder if I have been shopping on QVC in the middle of the night again. I often do this and don’t remember what I ordered the next morning. Then I read the card. “Happy Early Mother’s Day”.

I start to chuckle. What great timing. How could you have known how much I needed a show of affection and a symbolic celebration of me as a Mother?

Thank you my Darling Daughter. You have no idea how much that package means to me. Love,Mom



My Beautiful Daughter and Son-In Law.


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