How do we stop the Welfare hemorrhage?

Dear Kay Del,

In the 60’s I was Executive Director of Junior Achievement. A non-profit organization that taught High School students about the free enterprise system by putting them into a business. It was totally financed by businesses. It was a real eye opener for me. In the downtown Oakland Center, it was mostly black kids. I couldn’t get a program director to run that center so I doubled back at night and ran that center. I was dealing with third generation welfare recipients. The local businessman was the enemy, he took Momma’s money! Which made it okay to rip him off.

Once they experienced being a business owner and all that goes with it, attitudes changed. They realized how much work and effort went into earning that small profit. They also, developed pride and dignity. They no longer needed their false bravado and cocky facade. They were made aware that they could be the commander of their fate and could change the course of their lives and future.

It was before drugs were so prevalent. And the mind numbing, hopelessness that comes with the use of these drugs.

Having babies to create an income for an uneducated woman is almost an accepted career for many of the welfare raised people.

Is it a California issue only. Contraire, my dear. It is wide spread nationally. And alas, will continue to be until we get the Government out of the picture. We need more organizations like Junior Achievement. Which follows the old; “Don’t give a person a fish. Teach him how to fish”.

I think there should be drug testing done before any welfare check is issued. Also, mandatory tubes tied and vasectomies done when more than two children are spawned and placed on welfare. If the adults do not comply with sterilization: NO WELFARE CHECK!

The adults should have to complete a trade school before the child enters kindergarten and then is taken off Welfare. Child care should only be given in exchanged for hours spent attending job training, school or serving others; Soup kitchens, Old Folks Homes and working at the child care centers.

The Welfare Checks should only be issued when the adult has completed several hours a month painting over graffiti, planting gardens at schools in their neighborhoods. Or chalking up hours doing something positive for their neighborhood or themselves.

The bleeding heart liberals will never allow this. They prefer to just throw our money at them. sigh….


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Is this true Mary?
KayDel and Mike

And this isn’t only California. When are we, the taxpayers, going to stop this nightmare???????

The California Poster Girl!

Here’s a quick lesson in why we’ve got a problem, folks. Be sure to watch what she says at the end.

California Poster Girl!

When the “takers” outnumber the “makers” …. :


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