Sisters and Cancer…Natural Curly hair…

Mary with Rare White Schnauzer Puppy 2011

My sister Linda Mae Dunlap died of Cancer in August of 2003 after a 14 year brave fight.  You may have read the other blog that I wrote; “ Sisters and Cancer… A Star Shines over Paradise.” It goes into many details of our relationship and of her dying at her home in Paradise, Ca. in my arms.

My sister’s best asset was her beautiful natural platinum blonde curly hair.  When we were children our Mother took such delight in combing and brushing her hair around her finger and  trailing these long lovely curls down Linda’s back.  When it came to doing my hair my Mother derived no pleasure,  for I had heavy straight yellow blonde hair like her own.  She would sigh and hurriedly braided my hair into pig tails being none to gentle.  Often poking me in the eye in her haste to finish this utilitarian chore.

The morning my sister died after a ten day death vigil,  I was exhausted,  I had not had much sleep and had not showered in three days.  I drove down the mountain to Oroville to “Cuts4U”.  It was early and the shop was empty of customers.  There works wonderful “Susan”.  A motherly woman with a Germanic accent.  I literally fell into her arms and sobbed; “ My sister just died in my arms  I dropped off her two dogs at the Vet to be euthanized  and I need a haircut.”  She held me close and let me cry.  Then she gently took me over to the shampoo bowl and began her magic.

I was broke and went to Raley’s and cashed a bum check for $100.  Then I went up the hill to Gold Country Casino.  I just did not want to go home.  I needed to be around people. I played a favorite slot machine with Penguins after the second pull it went to the Bonus.

It paid me $2500.  The attendant came to the machine to pay me and I broke down and started crying.  Tears of joy.  Tears of relief.  Tears of grief.  Tears of……. just lots of tears. The attendant was confused and said he had never seen anyone get this emotional over a Jack Pot.

I quickly left and went to the bank to make a deposit.

As I made the deposit I decided to let my hair grow long.  In order to be able to donate it to “Locks of Love” as a thank you to my sister.  I was sure she was responsible for my win.

If you are not aware of “Locks of Love”,  I will share with you my knowledge of this wonderful organization.  They take natural hair and make wigs for cancer victims that have lost their hair with the treatments.  It has to be un dyed hair and must be at least ten inches long.

Last week after recovering from my bout with pneumonia I decided it was time to cut this long hair.  I had found it very troublesome.  Long hair is a chore.  It must be brushed every day to keep it clean.  Unlike  short hair it is a real chore to shampoo it every day.  So, that is why the ladies in the olden days brushed their hair 100 strokes a night.  I had only gone to Susan twice a year to have her trim the split ends off.

So,  I went in on a Thursday, early in the morning.  Susan was standing outside the shop having  her morning coffee and cigarette .   I parked and said to Susan as we walked into the shop; “Today is the day we cut this long hair off to donate it to Locks of Love.”

She pulled it up in a long tail and clipped it off.  Handing it to me to place a rubber band on both ends.  Then she proceeded to give me a short hair cut.

“Mary look in the mirror.  Look at the curls!”  Susan said with surprise.

Sure enough my hair was all curly.  Natural Curls!  I had never had curly hair.  Linda had natural curls.  Now my hair had lost most of it’s gold color and turned more silver. {Platinum?}  I could not contain my giggles.  It was uncanny.  It was such fun.

Me with platinum natural curly hair.

Thank you,  Linda.

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