A week in the life of a Dog Breeder/My Girl was sexually abused, should I sue?

Dear Folks,

These are some notes from breeding my Mini-Schnauzers.This was before I had my own studs. And had to take them to other breeders with studs.  I retire my girls after they have had four  litters.  I place them in loving homes.  They are Queen for the rest of their lives. 

I took Rosie, aka” Rosie, the slut”… to a breeder with a pure black stud, named Rocky. 

She flagged and consummated, locked.  She rode home with her legs wide open and sprawled on her back with the biggest smile on her face.  Then the next day she flaunted herself to Baxter, my neutered male. She put her tail shamelessly in his face and flagged, and next thing I see is the two of them locked.  I did not know that was possible with a neutered male.  But, that is the power of a sexy wench.

The next day I took her sister “Daisy ” to the breeder.  She teased hm and played hide and seek.  Rocky was finally able to mount her and insert his maleness into her reluctant self.  But alas she wiggled and jerked and he was unable to lock.  He was so frustrated and annoyed that he bit her. 

She was scared out of her wits and jumped into my arms.  She was terrified by this act of “Domestic Abuse”. She screamed and whimpered for several minutes.  She definitely does not go for “Rough Sex”.  She was highly insulted and terrified by this act of ” Domestic Abuse”.    Today I face the dilemma of having her confront him again.  The question is:  will she forgive him and give him another chance?   Will she forever blame me for subjecting her to this rape and abuse???

Do you think I am getting a bit obsessive about this new activity?

I took Daisy back to “Rock’, she took one look at him and envisioned him on the back of a Harley with a cigar clenched between his two front missing teeth and jumped into my arms, buried her head and whimpered.  She is convinced he is a brute and will have no part of him.  In spite of the fact his parents were in “Show business.  Dog shows, that is.

So, we found a gentler soul,  a beautiful salt and pepper small male mini-schnauzer, named “Todo”.  It was love at first sight.  They mated and each had a big smile on their muzzles.  He one of the prettiest Schnauzer I have ever seen.  And such a gentleman.

Rosie, AKA; “Rosie the Slut”,  thinks Rock is hot!  She has mated with him the required three times.  She kind of likes that Rough Love.. She comes right from Rock and comes home to Baxter and takes him on.  Maybe she is trying to teach him some new moves.  I think we forgot to tell Baxter he is neutered.  The Vet says it is very rare for a neutered male to lock with a female.  I think he is being territorial.  After all these are his ladies.

I think I am becoming a voyeur.  Maybe I need to get out more.



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2 Responses to A week in the life of a Dog Breeder/My Girl was sexually abused, should I sue?

  1. Misti says:

    That is a great story!!! Diffrent, but in a weird way I really liked it as well!!

  2. Misti says:

    This is a wonderfully written story!! 2 thumbs up

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