YES! YOU can help the people of Japan…

Dear Folks,

I won’t give a dime to the Red Cross!  They have the worst record of percentage of donation to victim  vs. percentage to administration.  Only about 10% of your donation goes to the victim, as they pay their executives $300,000. salaries and build grandous temple like office buildings for themselves.

Attached is a letter of appeal from the Soldiers’ Angels organization.  I have dealt with these people in the past and find them to be dedicated and honest.  I just answered this latest request for help.  It cost me $16.00.  A small amount to give but something I could do now and not worry about the cost to my budget.

My cousin Mae Hill  and I found them when we wanted to send care packages to our soldiers in Iraq.  Since then I have joined the local chapter in Sacramento and get requests for individual veterans needs in my area.  They have put me in touch with the person in need and I get to inner act with them on a one to one bases.  No fancy offices, no high salaries.  This is mostly run by volunteers. 

This will get to the people now!  So, get your credit or debit card out and know that your $16.00 donation will pay for a care package delivered to one of the needy now.

Please copy and repost their request attached below.




Dear Angels, Dear Soldiers’ Angel ,

Right now I have 10,000 Soldiers’ Angels Relief Packs designated for the USS Ronald Reagan, the aircraft carrier heading to Japan as part of the U.S. relief efforts following the recent tragic earthquake.

And I’m hoping these 10,000 Relief Packs are the first of many more that we’ll send in a second wave.

Our troops will fly them from the carrier group to shore, to be distributed by our servicemen and women as part of our official “Operation Tomodachi” – – Japanese for “friendship.”

I’m sure your heart was broken, as mine was, at the sight of the terrible ruins, the loss of life, and the hundreds of thousands now without a home.

I’m thankful that our troops are leading the way in the relief efforts, and I’m also thankful that we’ve been asked to be a key part.

I had to act quickly. There was no time to mail a letter and wait for enough response to see if we could help or not. Those poor people are desperate and just can’t wait.

So I had to act first and pray you and my other good friends will help me pay for these first 10,000 Relief Packs and hopefully many more to come.

Please click here to make your tax-deductible donation for the
Relief Efforts in Japan

Each Soldiers’ Angels Relief Pack has a blanket and some basic food and drink supplies for those who have lost almost everything.

Each of these Relief Packs costs about $16, including the cost of getting them out to the USS Ronald Reagan. So I need to raise this $160,000, and I’m hoping we’ll raise enough extra to send even more help.

So now I’m in financial trouble. But wouldn’t you do the same thing I did?

I need to recover the funds I spent, and of course we need to keep all our other worthwhile Soldiers’ Angels projects going.

I didn’t know what else to do but write my most loyal and generous friends and supporters.

This is an emergency appeal for your help.

I am writing to ask you to make your very best tax-deductible
contribution for this massive relief effort to Japan while keeping
the other Soldiers’Angels programs going.

Please click here to make your tax-deductible donation for the
Relief Efforts in Japan

I realize I’m asking you to make a personal sacrifice.

But I’ve gone out on a limb to get these first 10,000 Relief Packs to Japan, and now I need to pay for them plus future Relief Packs.

I must have your immediate help.

In fact, there is so much more that needs to be done, so much more we could do if we just had the resources.

Please click here to make your tax-deductible donation for the
Relief Efforts in Japan

The big question on my mind is this: Can we go forward with all we’re doing, and even more?

The answer to this question will be decided by the response I receive to this message, which I’m sending to our most loyal supporters – – friends like you I feel I can count on when the need is truly urgent.

This is certainly one of those times. Please send your best contribution today. We can’t succeed without you.

Please click here to make your tax-deductible donation for the
Relief Efforts in Japan

Thank you so much for attending today to this matter of urgent importance!


Patti Patton-Bader
Founder, Soldiers’ Angels

P.S. Our troops will be distributing the first 10,000 Soldiers’ Angels Relief Packs to the Japanese devastated by the record 8.9 scale earthquake.

I desperately need your help to pay for this first shipment, keep our other programs going, and hopefully send more Relief Packs as we can.

You have been such a loyal friend to the Soldiers’ Angels and me. I am counting on you to come through again. Please help!

Please click here to make your tax-deductible donation for the
Relief Efforts in Japan

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